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Ace Gathering provides safe and reliable oilfield gathering services.  Our experienced, customer focused, and knowledgeable staff have a genuine passion for the oil and gas industry. Our commitment is to deliver best-in-class, dependable services to our client.


Crude Oil Gathering

Ace Gathering transports crude oil products with our top-of-the-line fleet of trucks and trailers. We carefully screen and interview all candidates that work for Ace Gathering, and continuously monitor all safety and preventive maintenance for our employees and equipment.


Ace Gathering offers the following services in our gathering department:

  • Timely pickup of scheduled crude oil and condensate pickups. Our goal is to pick-up within 24 hours of being dispatched.
  • Effective and responsive customer service through our continuously monitored dispatch personnel.
  • Proven, safe and reliable reputation in the marketplace.
  • Logistics and tank management services.


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Crude Oil Marketing

Ace Gathering purchases crude oil at a producer’s lease or central facility, then schedules pickup and delivery to a terminal/lact station, finally selling the crude oil to a purchaser and/or refiner. Ace Gathering custom tailors our marketing business - from small, independent producers to large majors. We offer extraordinary service and a competitive price that puts us above and beyond our competition. Ace Gathering sells crude to a group of large, credit-worthy group of marketing, refining and end-user companies. Through our strategic location of terminals, we focus on generating the highest return to our customers.


Ace Gathering offers the following marketing services:

  • 1st Purchaser reporting and accounting
  • Division orders
  • Online run statements
  • Real-time volume reporting
  • Accurate and timely transaction reporting
  • Real-time dispatch information



Crude Refining

Ace Gathering offers a unique and complimentary service to our clientele through our crude refining business model. We specialize in the collection, transportation, and recovery methods to service customers that require a way to design a specific barrel of crude oil, gravity or basic sediment – all through our refining process out our plant in Somerville, Texas.



Real Time Dispatch & Logistics Monitoring

Ace Gathering continuously strives to improve customer service and optimize operations. To support this mission, we have recently invested in a crude oil dispatch and mobile logistics software. By leveraging automation, we are able to deliver the following benefits to provide a superior customer experience:

  • Dynamically optimize driver schedules to minimize deadhead, improve utilization and get more loads hauled.
  • Electronically manage the lifecycle of a load from the time its created to the time it is invoiced.
  • Provide real time data to customers within seconds.
  • Electronically generate run tickets to eliminates lost tickets and messy hand writing.
  • Real time visibility to drivers and assets to quickly react to urgent loads.


  • Construct and Manage Bid Packages
  • Severance Tax Payments
  • Analyze Pricing
  • Market Research
  • Project Consultation



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